Magic Office is one of the fastest growing IT company based in London. We have highly experienced and motivated IT professionals who are working working hard to develop softwares for small and medium size business. We have few software currently operating in the market and there are others waiting in the pipeline to go live.

Magic office is a unique entity which provides marketing, business cost reduction service, IT services & software development to targeted businesses in the UK. Magic Office recognizes the growing importance cutting edge cost reduction method and demand of low cost IT services and software development. By identifying the best business method and the most up-to-date solutions for each business. We helps businesses in taking their first step in reducing costs, starting with: gas, electricity, broadband or other business costs .Our facilities allow businesses to reduce costs and enhance the office experience through combined, cutting edge marketing and software facilities and business management services as an alternative to outsourcing outside the UK. Our plan seeks to generate a significant increase in company sales and profits through innovative software development and dedicated IT services.


Our Clients